Diving in the Middle East

    Mermaid Cove Bandar Khayran, Oman

    Mid Reef Kalkan, Turkey

    Moses Rock Moses Rock, Israel

    Neptun Riff Kas, Turkey

    An easy to dive reef in a depth range of 12-40 meters. Lot of ancient amphoras and cans. Sometimes sea-turtles.

    Oliver's Canyon Aqaba, Jordan

    The canyon is like a large valley, running to 30 m deep by steep-walled. In 6 meters, ner the coast, there is a 'tank' wreck, sunk in 1999 by King Abdullah. This is a Anti-aircraft tracked vehicle shell...

    Orak Island Bodrum, Turkey

    Fantastic wall dive!

    Paris Wreck Kemer, Turkey

    According to german magazine 'Unterwasser' 2003 one of the world's best dive spots!!!

    Quriyat wreck Bandar Khayran, Oman

    Cargo wreck named 'MS Mimoona'

    Ras Abu Daoud Bandar Khayran, Oman

    Ras Qidfa Ras Qidfa, United Arab Emirates

    Ray Bay & Cave Fahal Island, Oman

    There is a narrow tunnel on the NE tip of Fahal Island. Sometime some sharks inthere!

    S.N.V. Al Munnassir Bandar Khayran, Oman

    Al Munnassir is a 3,000 tonne ship was sunk in 30 metres of water. This troop carrier and tank transporter is 84 meters long.She sits upright; the bow is at 26m and stern at 30m.

    Satil Wreck Sufa Wreck, Israel

    The 46m long Sufa Missile Boat sunk in 1994.

    Saudi border Aqaba, Jordan

    This is an excellent site for diving and snorkeling. Corals are not as nice as some other sites (japaneese garden, kiwi reef, etc.) but some interesting species can be found (saw a hudge spanish dancer)...At the moment and fior the forseeable future it is no longer allowed to dive at the Saudi…

    Sawan's Bay Sawan s Bay, Lebanon

    Shaik Saif Bandar Khayran, Oman

    Shallow Reef Fahal Island, Oman

    Shark Alley Daymaniyat Islands, Oman

    Shark Point Fahal Island, Oman

    Southern Crack Kish Island - Southern crack, Iran

    An offshore reef. The area is unprotected and the reef can only be reached in good weather. The current at the surface is usually from the East but below it can be from any direction. To the north the drop off is a forest of coral to the south the plateau slope gently away with small pinnacles of…

    Stingray Paradise Daymaniyat Islands, Oman

    Table Coral Table Coral, Israel


    Taiyong Aqaba, Jordan

    The Taiyong C486B was bought by the port authorities here in 1974 for offloading ships in Aqaba. She is a towed barge with a large crane at her stern above a wheelhouse, also massive winches at the bow and a large hold. She lies on her starboard side facing the shore East. the top edge is 35m to 40m…

    The Gardens Aqaba, Jordan


    The Lighthouse The Lighthouse, Israel

    This is a large pinnacle with two big cracks.

    Training Bay Bandar Jussa, Oman

    Dive training site.

    Tug & Barge Fahal Island, Oman


    Tunnel Kas, Turkey

    At about 20m you reach the entrance of a sea cavern that meets sandy ground at about 35m.The walls in the cathedral like cavern are beautifully covered including mermaid's vails.Leaving the cavern to the right you'll find a beautifully covered wall.

    Turtle Lounge Daymaniyat Islands, Oman


    Uluburun II Wreck Kas, Turkey

    On this site a a reconstruction of the ancient wreck that was found and excavated at Uluburun was sunk in 2006.A archeology park emulating the original site of Uluburun was also set up there.

    University Beach University Beach, Israel

    artificial reef-building

    Yatakadasi Izmir, Turkey

    Yatush Wreck Yatush Wreck, Israel

    The 15m long Yatush Gunboat was intentionnaly sunk in august 1987 for divers.

    Ala's Reef Saudi Arabia

    This site is actually a torpedo shaped sea moundthat is 200 Metres long and about 20 Metres wide at its widest point inthe middle. Located between the Old Kings Palace and the South ElisaShoal Marker in the middle of the inter-coastal shipping lane, the moundrises out of the 365 m bottom to a depth…

    Redmah Wall Saudi Arabia

    The undisputed best soft coral wall known to datein all of the waters off Saudi Arabia is unquestionably the 150 msection of the Redmah Wall. That is a bold claim but the site is open toinspection for anyone that may care to dispute it. Located on thenorthern end of the marker at Redmah Reef this…

    Eel Garden Aqaba, Jordan

    A sandy slope home to the Northern Red Sea's largest Garden Eel Colony.Along the slope are many coral pinnacles covered in lots of macro life - like tiny oasis in the desert.Below 20m you also have a thick forest of Black Coral trees, home to seahorses and Shrimp fish.At 9m, there is the most…

    7 Sisters Aqaba, Jordan

    A whole series of great coral pinnacles provides a wonderful shallow dive that you can well over an hour observing the marine life or taking pictures of it. There are two sets of pinnacles - Seven Sisters and the Fairy Ring, each has its own unique ambience. You will find shoals of fusiliers…

    The Milo Gallipoli, Turkey

    The Milo was partially sunk by the allies in October 1915 to create a wave break to protect the ANZACs best harbour at North Beach. It was broken in two by a storm on 18th Nov 1915 and now lies only half a foot from its original position in 1915. The wreck of the Milo off the shores of North Beach…

    Lundi Gallipoli, Turkey

    One of the most important is the Lundi, which was sunk by torpedo fire on 15 April 1915. This wreck lies on sand at 27 meters in Suvla Bey, between the Büyük Kemikli and Küçük Kemikli headlands.Despite the intervening 81 years, this cargo ship carrying supplies and…

    HMS Majestic Gallipoli, Turkey

    The British warship HMS Majestic sank at right angles to the shore in Morto Cove, so while its bow lies in 18 meters of water, its stern lies on sand at a depth of 29 meters. In the 1960s divers unfortunately dismantled the most interesting sections of the wreck, but the crow's nest can be seen…